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Thursday, 19 August 2010

August 2010 Podcast: Is Feminism Now A Man's Best Friend?

Author and journalist Alison Clarke discusses the return of feminism and the United Kingdom’s epidemic of domestic violence in this month’s podcast.

The founder of Women’s Views On News,an online daily women's news service providing news about women, for women and by women, gives her views on the reality of women's professional progress over the past 40 years.

She also questions why men are "so defensive" in the face of women’s demand for equality, claiming that “feminism is a man’s best friend.”

More on Alison Clarke

Works as a freelance journalist specialising in employment law and discrimination issues. Alison worked previously as a solicitor for a small firm of family lawyers and as a legal rights officer for a major UK trade union.

She has written four books: ‘Community Nurses and the Law’, published in 1999; ‘Women’s Rights At Work’ published in 2001; the author and self-publisher of ‘Maternity Pay and leave – a guide for employers’ which came out in November 2004; and the co-author of ‘A Guide to Equality Law’ published by the TUC in January 2005.

Like this Podcast? Then listen to Alison Clarke discussing domestic violence as Women's Aid launches the 'Real Man' campaign.

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