Thursday, 30 September 2010

Can Culture Project Help Fight Against Anti-Roma Discrimination?

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Culture and heritage enthusiasts will gather at the Council of Europe for the official launch of the 'Roma Routes' project.

On 7 October, they will join Roma representatives from the United Kingdom, Germany, Greece, Romania and Slovenia to discuss efforts to showcase Roma culture.

A CoE spokesman said: "Engagement through heritage is a non-confrontational and attractive method of communication, which allows Roma culture to be seen and understood, away from the tensions of policing, housing etc.

"Roma have the opportunity to communicate with knowledge and confidence through a range of cultural media including song, dance, artefacts, family history, food and customs."

Over the next 2 years, the project will feature a month of celebrations in Slovenia, lectures and music in Germany, a commemoration for the Roma who died in the holocaust and a summer camp for Roma and non Roma young people in Romania.

Roma artists will perform in Athens and there will also be opportunities for roma cultural experts to contribute to the curriculum in Romanian schools and to act as guides in Greek museums.

The spokesman added: "This is a platform from which the Roma Route of Culture and Heritage can be developed and links can be pursued with partners across Europe interested in furthering this process."

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