Thursday, 23 September 2010

Will UK Prisoners Win Right To Take Part In Elections?

Deputy Prime Minister Nick CleggImage by The Prime Minister's Office via Flickr
Prison reformers hope new signals from the upper reaches of the British Government may lead to the removal of the ban on prisoners taking part in elections.

The Guardian newspaper claims that the British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has given his backing to "enfranchising prisoners."

It also reports that the UK government should abide by a 2005 European Court of Human Righhts ruling that the ban was unlawful.

Follow the link to the Hirst v. the United Kingdom judgement which sparked the debate.


  1. You do realise, of course, that the link beneath "Related articles by Zemanta" contains a libel? Following my contacting the Telegraph's legal department the offending headline was altered by substituting "axe killer". I was convicted of manslaughter and not murder. The original libel still remains in the URL.