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Monday, 4 October 2010

Gary Younge Joins CoE Autumn Podcast Line-Up

Writer and journalist Gary Younge is to feature in a Council of Europe podcast, the organisation has confirmed.

The Guardian newspaper correspondent for the United States, author of the influential ‘Who We Are –And Should It Matter In The 21st Century,’ will take part in a discussion on identity politics in Europe, multi-culturalism and immigration

French MEP Michèle Striffler, spokeswoman for the French delegation of the European Peoples Party on the question of Roma people in Europe, has also agreed to join what the organisation describes as "a frank discussion on key issues in European society."

A Council of Europe spokesman said “We are delighted to feature such distinguished guests in our podcasts on  important European subjects.”

“I’m sure many listeners will be curious to hear such a range of views on the rights and responsibilities of minority and majority populations.”

On 30 September in Brussels, the Council of Europe unveiled its expert group on 'Multicultural Europe' which includes Joschka Fischer, the former German Foreign Minister, Javier Solana and Emma Bonino.

The group has a mandate to find answers to the current threats from intolerance and discrimination in Europe.

Thorbjørn Jagland, the Council of Europe’s Secretary General, said that the new challenges to security and stability in Europe “appeared not to be between but inside the states.”

Council of Europe 'Audio Candy'

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