Friday, 29 October 2010

Sulukule: End Of The Roma 'Jerusalem'

In her Council of Europe exhibition entitled 'Sulukule,' photographer Aurora Ailincai underlines the Roma people's struggle for place in Europe.

The photographer captures the soul of the 956 year old Sulukule neighbourhood in Istanbul, Turkey, through the images of its men, its women and particularly its children. 
Ms Ailincai arrived in Sulukule, considered the 'Jerusalem' of the Roma world, just in time.The neighbourhood, the oldest Roma settlement in Europe, was in transition and within a short time would fall victim to an urban renewal project.

"The soul of Roma peole disappeared," says Ms Ailincai."It was the identity of Roma people disappearing not only the neighbourhood."

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  1. beautiful pictures!
    Why Europe did not intervene to stop this urban plan?
    I wonder what would have said the international community if Jerusalem would be destroyed for a new urban plan ...
    What a pitty for those people who are persecuted since the dawn of time!

    Sulukule, we never forget you!

  2. Well done Aurora. We love the photos too!

  3. It's nice job Aurora! Congratulations for the good event and great expression of the photos!

  4. This is an important record. We have seen lots of other but yours is among the best ones. thank you from Turkey. M.AR

  5. How sad that a group of many generations of unique people in a close-knit community are dispersed by this urban renewal project. I wish these people well as they find new homes.

    A homemaker in North Carolina.