Friday, 8 October 2010

Ivatts: Roma Cultural Routes Project Attacks "The Cancer Of Race Hatred"

Promoting Roma culture “is the chemotherapy to attack the cancer cells of discrimination, prejudice and race hatred,” according to British education expert Arthur Ivatts OBE.

In an interview with the Council of Europe, the anthropologist and former HM Inspector for Roma and Traveller Education, shatters many of the education and culture myths about Roma communities.

Ahead of the Council of Europe's 20 October ministerial Roma summit, he describes “the shameful picture” of inequality and injustice which confronts Roma and Travellers' families wishing to educate their children.

Ivatts explains the history of anti-Roma racism and underlines the importance of the Roma Cultural Routes project and the contribution it would make to boosting the achievement of Roma children.

He said the project is a means of “embellishing the curriculum with proud and affirmative images of the culture and background of Roma children so that they could feel proud and not intimidated by fear and racist ridicule.”

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