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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Parliamentary Assembly: Albania's Court Defiance "Unacceptable"

A decision by Albania to defy the European Court of Human Rights on an extradition case is “unacceptable” to the Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly.

Its Rapporteur David Darchiashvili has expressed deep concern at the extradition of Almir Rrapo to the United States last week (24 November) which ignored a binding interim measure from the Court.

“The growing number of member states that have recently ignored interim measures ordered by the Court under Rule 39 is a major concern of the Assembly," he said.

"Member states ought to fully comply with the letter and spirit of the binding measures indicated under Rule 39. Such practices are irresponsible and undermine the authority of the Court."

"The Parliamentary Assembly will debate this issue at its January session and will certainly take a clear stand strongly condemning the unacceptable disregard of European Convention on Human Rights requirements."

Assembly report on Rule 39 indications by the European Court of Human Rights (PDF)

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