Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Podcast : An American View Of Europe's Integration Of Roma Communities

Gwendolyn Albert
This end of year podcast reviews one of Europe's major news stories of 2010 - the social inclusion of Roma communities.

In the programme, the American human rights activist Gwendolyn Albert explains her shock at the extent of Romaphobia, analyses the origins of anti-Roma prejudice and the rise of extremism and offers a thought-provoking international perspective of Europe's treatment of Roma communities.

She also discusses the possibility of the "Palestinisation" of the Roma question and the Sisyphian task of registering Roma people to vote.

"The discrimination of Roma can not be tolerated," Albert says. "We need a rejuvenation of that concept in Europe."

"It's not an option to become a continent of great extremes - people living in total poverty and others with great wealth.

"To a great extent, the way that Roma are treated is a litmus test for Europe."

Part 1

Part 2

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